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Swedish music producer and artist Aevy Lore invites you to a musical universe of Nordic Alternative Pop. With influences from artists like Aurora and Ane Brun, her productions hold a storytelling quality in the merging of playful melodies, rhythmic textures, and captivating soundscapes. With honest and self-reflecting lyrics, Aevy Lore’s vocals interweave beautiful fragility with a compelling sincerity.


Drawing inspiration from a deep longing to connect with nature and care for the Earth, Aevy Lore’s music reflects upon themes such as philosophy, culture, and the Human-Nature relationship. On stage, she is known to establish a strong connection with the audience and has performed at intimate events, big festival stages, and international conferences in Europe. Her music has been received with words such as “A new Musical Universe” and “One Being - with the power of a Symphony”. 

From her home in Värmland, a rural county in west-central Sweden, Aevy Lore creates music in close companionship with the forest. Drawing inspiration from a deep longing to connect with the natural world, she’s even bringing the woods into her music. With field recordings of ‘forest percussions,’ there’s an interesting organic texture to her music, and her close relationship to nature is often present in the themes of her songs.


“Am I going Blind?” Aevy Lore released her debut single on World Environment Day, the 5th of June. The song expresses the artist's deep longing to find a sense of belonging and a way to love the Earth without being overwhelmed by anxiety and fear for the future. It was the first song to be released from her upcoming concept album, a collection of songs intertwined in a story about the Human-Nature relationship. 


The Human Being behind Aevy Lore - Olivia Ahltorp is a trained pianist at Rytmus Musikgymnasium in Stockholm and a trained music producer at the Ingesund Academy of Music. She’s a music producer, composer, and artist - passionate about working with music and storytelling for change. Her music has been used in performing arts, film, public exhibitions, and more. With the ambition to make music and arts a more integrated part of policymaking, and inspire new ways of building a sustainable future, Olivia has recently been performing at several international conferences in Europe. 


Aevy Lore

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