The Musical Universe of Aevy Lore

Swedish music producer and artist Aevy Lore invites you to a musical universe of atmospheric Nordic Indie Pop. Her productions hold a storytelling quality in the merging of playful melodies, rhythmic textures, and captivating soundscapes. With honest and self-reflecting lyrics, Aevy Lore’s sincere vocals are constantly moving between being fragile and beautiful - yet with a compelling attitude.


On stage, she’s been received with reactions such as “…a new musical universe” and “…one being, with the power of a symphony” (Audience Arvika 2022). 

Aevy Lore is releasing her debut single "Am I going Blind?" on World Environment Day, the 5th of June 2022. The song expresses the artist's deep longing to find a sense of belonging and a way to love the Earth. It's the first song to be released from her upcoming concept album, a collection of songs intertwined in a story about the Human-Nature relationship.

DIY Prison performed at Ingesund Music Academy, 2021. The song was written by Aevy Lore together with friends and fellow musicians Julia Bengtson (violin) and Mia Börjes Björklund (accordion).