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Hi, this is Aevy Lore. I’m a music producer, composer, and artist - working with music and storytelling for change. 


For World Environment Day, I’m collecting voices and stories from people across the globe. Reflections on the moments we feel in connection with nature, the moments we fall in love with Earth.


I will create and release a piece of music that carries our common story about the human-nature relationship. Come join me in this creation, by sharing your experience!

1. Write a few sentences in the form below, and hit Submit. 


2. Make a recording (using your phone or a microphone). Tell me about your relationship with nature, based on the questions in the form below. Send your recording to

I'm looking forward to adding Your Voice to the story. We have #OnlyOneEarth. Let's make a contribution. 


Only One Earth

Am I going Blind? 

Before fully embracing my passion for music-making, I spent years studying sustainable development. Years with my full heart and attention in the "big world" of complex questions and global challenges.


During this time, my love for the natural world, for Earth, and for life itself grew stronger and stronger. So did my fear for the future. Until I reached a point where anxiety kept me up at night, and my longing to connect with the natural world - to find a sense of meaning, of belonging - reached a dimension of desperation. I was lost. 

I escaped. To music-making. To my "small world" of creativity and storytelling. I turned off the news. Closed the door to the outside world.  

On World Environment Day 5/6, I'm releasing my debut single "Am I going Blind?". To share and honor this episode of my life. And to celebrate a new chapter, where I bridge the gap between the "big world" and my own "small world". By working with music and storytelling for change.


With the intention to evoke also in others, a curiosity to reflect upon themes like sustainable development, philosophy, and what it means to Be Human... I invite you to the world of Aevy Lore. 

Birds are calling through the night. I lie awake while you are dreaming.

Silent body, crying mind. And I don't know, I don't know why. 

When black turns to white. I long to live for something real like...

Feed on soil and breath the sky. But I don't know, I don't know how. 

Am I going Blind? 

Birds are calling through the night. Silent body, crying mind. 

Am I going Blind?

Words are failing every time, I stay in silence, feel her breathing.

And her pain, her pain is mine. But I don't know, I don't know why. 

Am I going Blind? 


I'm a child asleep. Sent to my dreams.

By my mother's words, my only curse - I don't know how to love her. 


Silent body, crying mind. 

Am I going Blind? 

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